Ai320 Automated 3D Scanner

Fully Automated Benchtop 3D Laser Scanner

ShapeGrabber Ai320 is an automatic, compact 3D scanner designed to serve a wide variety of parts in minutes with a high density of data points. Ai320 offers:


Metrology Grade 3D Scanning: Ideal for measuring complex shapes in a variety of colors and finishes due to a 360° rotary table and vertical motion. Excels in rapid prototyping, manufacturing, quality control, and reverse engineering applications.


Ease of Use: Scans can be initiated with one click, delivering consistent measurement results by any operator. Scanning parameters are easily selected and saved – there is no need to write special code.


Accurate, High Density Point Data: The SG108 scanhead moves vertically on a high precision motion assembly with ultra-high speed 3D data capture at 1,500,000 points per second.