3D Scanning Sprays from ATTBLIME

ATTBLIME is the leading manufacturer of 3D scanning sprays. They have a line of both sublimating and semi-permanent 3D scanning sprays that were created to help you capture the best data as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Thier sublimating 3D scanning spray formulas require no cleanup because they sublimate leaving behind zero residue.  Choose from a selection of formulas with different sublimation times to meet your needs.  

3D Scanning Targets Scan Dots from messpunkte

Messpunkte makes the highest quality reference markers – or target dots – for 3D scanners, optical metrology and photogrammetry systems. Made in Germany by metrologists and printing experts, our reference dots stickers offer the best quality for handling and measurement repeatability.


As a North American distributor of Messpunkte, we are proud to offer the highest quality reference markers to North America. Messpunkte has developed these target dots with the help of metrology professionals and printing experts to offer easy to use stickers with a high resolution and proprietary mat coating for optimum detection and scanning repeatability

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