DezignWorks for AutoDesk Inventor - Unlimited Version


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DezignWorks for AutoDesk Inventor - Unlimited Version

This suite of robust reverse-engineering tools fully integrated into AutoDesk Inventor. Unlock the full potential of your FARO or Romer ScanArm with DezignWorks for AutoDesk Inventor- Unlimited Version

DezignWorks for AutoDesk Inventor' advanced algorithms allow you to quickly create parametric features that are fully editable in AutoDesk Inventor by probing or 3D scanning.  The buttons on your FARO or Romer portable CMM are used to cycle through your sketch tools quickly.  DezignWorks' proprietary 3D engine, Samson, enables a fast and efficient workflow for a wide variety of reverse engineering applications.  DezignWorks Unlimited for AutoDesk Inventor is the most powerful, most efficient and easiest reverse engineering solution for AutoDesk Inventor users.  Schedule a live demo today with a DezignWorks Application Engineer!

If your FARO or Romer Arm is NOT equipped with a 3D scanner you will want to check out DezignWorks - Probing Version to work only with probe data. If you are using a portable 3D scanner please check out DezignWorks - MeshModeler Version!

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