DezignWorks for SolidWorks - Probing Version

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DezignWorks for SolidWorks - Probing Version

This suite of robust reverse-engineering tools fully integrated into SolidWorks. Unlock the full potential of your 3D measurement probe with DezignWorks for SolidWorks - Probing Version

DezignWorks for SolidWorks' advanced algorithms allow you to quickly create parametric features from 3D probe data that are fully editable in SolidWorks.  DezignWorks' proprietary 3D engine, Samson, enables a fast and efficient workflow for a wide variety of reverse engineering applications.  DezignWorks for SolidWorks is the most powerful, most efficient and easiest reverse engineering solution for SolidWorks users.  Schedule a live demo today with a DezignWorks Application Engineer!

If you are using a FARO or Romer Arm with a 3D scanner you will want to check out DezignWorks - Unlimited Version to work probe and scan data. If you are using a portable 3D scanner, please check out DezignWorks - Mesh Modeler Version!

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