Engineering Services

Professional 3D Scanning Services

Our engineers use the most accurate 3D measurement equipment available to quickly and accurately create a digital twin of your part.  The scan data is known as a polygonal mesh or STL file which can be used for 3D printing.  We can also create CAD or blueprints from the scan data of your part.  

Reverse Engineering Services

Do you need a 3D CAD or 2D blueprint for your part?  Dynamic 3D can 3D scan broken and damaged parts to repair them virtually while create a highly accurate 3D CAD of the part.  We provide a complete range of product design services.  Contact Dynamic 3D today to see how we can bring your idea to life!

3D Printing Services

Dynamic 3D provides rapid prototyping, 3D design and 3D printing services.  We utilize a range of materials including PLA, Super PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, UV resin and a wide range of metals.  Please use the form below to send us your files for a no obligation estimate.  


Services Request Form

Being able to provide you with the best possible customer experience begins with learning everything we can about you, your application and your project.  Please fill out the form below to request a quote from the Dynamic 3D Services Team.  We will review your information and a Dynamic 3D Application Engineer will contact you within 24 hours. 


Thank you for choosing Dynamic 3D as your partner!

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